D, 49, Baotou包头

13/12/2017 On family, food and humanity D owns a small restaurant at the end of my road; I’ve been going there weekly since I moved back to Birmingham from Beijing and it is my sanctuary. I always get peanut noodles with veggies, sit at the back on the second table in from the right, and … More D, 49, Baotou包头

J, 20, Jinan 济南

01/11/2017 Curious about the ways in which love, sex and relationships manifest themselves in contemporary Chinese society, I met with my friend J in the library café on a cold October evening to discuss boys, relationships and sex; more specifically J’s reasons for hiding her 3 year relationship with her boyfriend from her parents, the … More J, 20, Jinan 济南

Y, 24, Guangzhou 广州

08/10/2017 How the conventionally Western, middle-class “gap year” 间隔年 is contributing to the emergence of a liberated, internationally-orientated and dare I say “crazy” Chinese youth. On Sunday 8th October I met with Y, 24, from Guangzhou广州 at Euston station in London. A recent Master’s graduate in Entrepreneurship, Y made a small contribution to a book … More Y, 24, Guangzhou 广州

M, 23, Fuzhou 福州

30 /01/2017 This year Tsinghua students from the Humanities Department organised a homestay for International Students to experience Chinese New Year in the home of our fellow Chinese students. Entirely randomly allocated, my host opened up her home to me for 4 days during which we had some insightful conversations about education and marriage, ate … More M, 23, Fuzhou 福州

N, 33, Xi’an西安

24/01/2017 Having met N via couchsurfing, she hosted me in her apartment for one night. We had pre-arranged to meet at a central subway. Upon meeting, N apologized for running a little late as she had apparently only just recovered from her rather raucous lunchtime work meeting, apparently involving numerous bottles of baijiu (Chinese rice … More N, 33, Xi’an西安